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Family Time at the State Fair of Texas

October 19, 2011

It is that time of year–FAIR TIME!!!  The State Fair of Texas is up and running until Sunday, October 23 and my family made our annual trek to partake in the festivities last weekend.  Since I have moved to Texas, this has been an annual event for our family.  We round-up as many discount tickets as we can get our hands on; load up the Tahoe with as many kids as will fit, empty the bank account (LITERALLY!); and eat and ride until we run out of money or fall out from exhaustion; whichever comes first!

This year we went with our neighbor’s family and had a great time!  The adults ate until we almost burst and the kids rode a million rides and spent enough money on games to purchase a Mercedes…nonetheless, when we all piled back into our car, content with our State Fair experience!


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Family time is a VERY important to fostering a loving environment in which to raise children.  The SO & myself never discussed what traditions we wanted to establish with our family unit, but this was the first one to evolve.  Every year, it becomes more important to me that we do this; because as the children grow older and choose to spend less time with us, we have to commit to doing certain activities as a family unit in order to impress upon them the importance of family.  What family traditions do you have and what do they represent for your unit?  Leave a comment below!