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Nappiology Expo Happy Hour–A SUCCESS!

November 4, 2011


De, the founder of kicked off the Nappiology Expo weekend with a wonderful pre-party Happy Hour at the Aloft W Hotel in Las Colinas, Tx. The venue was very classy and sophisticated; the turnout/ support/love was absolutely amazing; and the women and their hair were EXTRAORDINARY!

This happy hour gave a lot of us an opportunity to network and discuss our hair but I felt the biggest thing taken away from this intimate event was the feeling of “sisterhood”. I have never seen so many women in one place who were 100% focused on being friendly, courteous, loving and uplifting to one another. I was soooo incredibly proud of my natural hair sisters!

One highlight of the evening was the Nappiology signature drink (designed by De for this event) and another was Isis Brantley (nationally known natural hair guru), who made an appearance to show support for De and the Expo!

No matter what people say; I truly believe that African American women are some of the most loving and devoted women on this earth and when they become passionate about something…Y’ALL BETTA WATCH OUT!

De has taken a passion of ours and put it on “blast” so that all of us can unite (through organized events like this); educate (by sharing our stories with each other–and the world!); and grow (by allowing the events and our unification foster new businesses ventures, blogs, and websites). THANK YOU DE…for being the passionate, friendly, down-to-earth catalyst for this “movement”; keep doing what you are doing and know that you will always have our support!

See pics from the Happy Hour below:









If you attended the Happy Hour this evening, post your comments & pictures below to share with everyone!


Nappiology Expo Happy Hour–TONIGHT!

November 4, 2011

Today is the Nappiology Expo Happy Hour being hosted by Nappiology, Inc at the Aloft Hotel (Las Colinas) from 4:30-8. This the pre-cursor to the big event tomorrow…The NAPPIOLOGY EXPO!!! I will be there documenting tonight’s festivities and the actual Expo for my blog & tweeting live from both!

If you want a “shoutout” you better find me!!!!

I am looking forward to meeting all the beautiful people who participate in the Natural Hair Community in the DFW & beyond!

Post a comment to “rep” your city below!!!


Baby I am a…STAR (in my Prince singing voice)…for the Nappiology Expo!

October 29, 2011

Well, actually, I was on TV for about 3 seconds as a hair model…but Im going to take my 5 minutes 3 seconds how ever I can get it!

This is how the story goes…

De, who is the creator of the Meetup Group: Nappiology and founder of; has had her PR Consultant, Ramona Logan of RL Image Advantage going hard in the name of the Nappiology Expo, that is happening here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Saturday, November 5th.  One of the many media opportunities Ramona was able to secure was a spot on WFAA, Channel 8’s Saturday morning show “News 8 Daybreak” with Host Shon Gables

De, Founder of & Ramona Logan, Owner of RL Image Advantage

 De sent out an “all hands on deck” email to the Nappiology members because she needed hair models for this opportunity.  The spot would have a few women modeling different natural hairstyles while a commentator gave tidbits about each models natural hair journey and description of the style.  Of course, yours truly was all over it (secretly I am a reality star waiting to be discovered!!!!).  Since I promptly replied (the email didn’t even completely load before I hit reply with a “YES, I’m, in!”), I was selected to model a twistout hair style.  Four other ladies were also selected to model: locs (Keisha R.), TWA (Stephanie W.), heat trained hair (Katrena M.), and a braided style (Gerreka G.) and our commentator sported a wash-n-go (yes, De had ALL bases covered!)

Nappiology Hair Models (L to R: Stephanie W., Stephanie J., De, Gerreka G., Katrena M., Keisha R., & Me!)

I got to see behind the scenes of the WFAA Studio; I met all of the News 8 Daybreak reporters, I got to see the live shooting of the show and how fast things go, and I got to see and meet some gorgeous ladies who live in the DFW and proudly sport some of the cutest natural styles! 

Most importantly, De and her “baby” Nappiology received some great publicity for the Expo–and all in the name of networking, natural hair and fun!!!

Check out my photos of this fabulous opportunity below!

So…will you be attending the Nappiology Expo?  If so, what are you looking forward to seeing and doing?  Leave your comments below.


Natural Hair Expo

October 8, 2011

Nappiology, Inc. cordially invites you to attend

They are celebrating their 4th year as a natural hair social networking group. Expo will include:

  • A Guest Speaker
  • Several Vendors (catering to those embracing their napptural beauty and style)

General admission: $10 per person

For more information on:

I will be shooting pics & videos of all the fam in attendance at this event to post to my blog.. will you be there?