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A Halloween Party for Us “Old Heads”

November 1, 2011

I have  never really gotten into the “dressing up” thing for Halloween, but this year, my neighbors held a fabulous Halloween party for us adults at their home (costumes required and no kids!).  Now my circle of friends in the DFW consist mostly of couples in the 35+ age group with multiple school age children, so we do a lot of “entertaining” (that’s what us  suburabnites call it LOL!) at each others homes with children in tow.  So the fact that they were offering an adult only night was EXCITEMENT! 

Now most of the couples dressed in themes and my SO being the competitive type was not about to let anyone out -do us.  So “hi-ho, hi-ho, off to the thrift store I go to purchase items for our costumes.  We chose to dress up as 2 construction workers and we were a hit (of course I had to hype it up by being a MALE construction worker–now mind you he is 6’1 and I am a towering 5’0!!!).  Everyone thought we looked hilarious and of course seeing us all “boo-ed” (yes, that is a word!) just made matters worse!  I had so much fun dressing up that I think we might do this again next year!  Check out some choice shots from the crazy costumes below:

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Add this is what you look like when you have partied WAAAYYY beyond your bedtime!!!  LOL!

Mommy...I'm tired!!!!

Share your photos of Halloween costumes so we can all laugh at admire your creativity and handy work!  Post them below!!!