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Nappiology Expo Happy Hour–A SUCCESS!

November 4, 2011


De, the founder of kicked off the Nappiology Expo weekend with a wonderful pre-party Happy Hour at the Aloft W Hotel in Las Colinas, Tx. The venue was very classy and sophisticated; the turnout/ support/love was absolutely amazing; and the women and their hair were EXTRAORDINARY!

This happy hour gave a lot of us an opportunity to network and discuss our hair but I felt the biggest thing taken away from this intimate event was the feeling of “sisterhood”. I have never seen so many women in one place who were 100% focused on being friendly, courteous, loving and uplifting to one another. I was soooo incredibly proud of my natural hair sisters!

One highlight of the evening was the Nappiology signature drink (designed by De for this event) and another was Isis Brantley (nationally known natural hair guru), who made an appearance to show support for De and the Expo!

No matter what people say; I truly believe that African American women are some of the most loving and devoted women on this earth and when they become passionate about something…Y’ALL BETTA WATCH OUT!

De has taken a passion of ours and put it on “blast” so that all of us can unite (through organized events like this); educate (by sharing our stories with each other–and the world!); and grow (by allowing the events and our unification foster new businesses ventures, blogs, and websites). THANK YOU DE…for being the passionate, friendly, down-to-earth catalyst for this “movement”; keep doing what you are doing and know that you will always have our support!

See pics from the Happy Hour below:









If you attended the Happy Hour this evening, post your comments & pictures below to share with everyone!


Nappiology Expo Happy Hour–TONIGHT!

November 4, 2011

Today is the Nappiology Expo Happy Hour being hosted by Nappiology, Inc at the Aloft Hotel (Las Colinas) from 4:30-8. This the pre-cursor to the big event tomorrow…The NAPPIOLOGY EXPO!!! I will be there documenting tonight’s festivities and the actual Expo for my blog & tweeting live from both!

If you want a “shoutout” you better find me!!!!

I am looking forward to meeting all the beautiful people who participate in the Natural Hair Community in the DFW & beyond!

Post a comment to “rep” your city below!!!


A Halloween Party for Us “Old Heads”

November 1, 2011

I have  never really gotten into the “dressing up” thing for Halloween, but this year, my neighbors held a fabulous Halloween party for us adults at their home (costumes required and no kids!).  Now my circle of friends in the DFW consist mostly of couples in the 35+ age group with multiple school age children, so we do a lot of “entertaining” (that’s what us  suburabnites call it LOL!) at each others homes with children in tow.  So the fact that they were offering an adult only night was EXCITEMENT! 

Now most of the couples dressed in themes and my SO being the competitive type was not about to let anyone out -do us.  So “hi-ho, hi-ho, off to the thrift store I go to purchase items for our costumes.  We chose to dress up as 2 construction workers and we were a hit (of course I had to hype it up by being a MALE construction worker–now mind you he is 6’1 and I am a towering 5’0!!!).  Everyone thought we looked hilarious and of course seeing us all “boo-ed” (yes, that is a word!) just made matters worse!  I had so much fun dressing up that I think we might do this again next year!  Check out some choice shots from the crazy costumes below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add this is what you look like when you have partied WAAAYYY beyond your bedtime!!!  LOL!

Mommy...I'm tired!!!!

Share your photos of Halloween costumes so we can all laugh at admire your creativity and handy work!  Post them below!!!


Attention All Hampton University Alumni

November 1, 2011

If you are an aspiring, current, or alumni of Hampton University send me your pics (PG rated!), stories (keep ’em clean!), or just a simple shout out (to your dorm, your class, your clique, etc.) to be posted on the website for the “Friday reminisce” which will feature my alma mater…HAMPTON UNIVERSITY (the real HU if you don’t know!)

Send all documents you would like to include to:



Natural Hair Expo

October 8, 2011

Nappiology, Inc. cordially invites you to attend

They are celebrating their 4th year as a natural hair social networking group. Expo will include:

  • A Guest Speaker
  • Several Vendors (catering to those embracing their napptural beauty and style)

General admission: $10 per person

For more information on:

I will be shooting pics & videos of all the fam in attendance at this event to post to my blog.. will you be there?


Swing Out Dancing, Hand Dancing & Other Mysteries of Ole’ Skool

September 17, 2011

Every since I was little (in single digits!!!); I have always been fascinated by couples who could “tear it up” on the dance floor hand dancing.  I also promised myself since witnessing their smoothness that I would learn how to dance like that.  As I got into my teen and young adult years, I become less enchanted, but at the periodic weddings and family events I would attend; that spark would always be relit when I would see a couple hand dancing all around the floor.  So I have officially added “learning how to hand dance” to my bucket list!

So you ask—what is hand dancing?  Well is a group of dance that developed concurrently with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s, ’30s ’40s and ’50s, although the earliest of these dance forms predate swing jazz music. The majority of swing dances began in African American communities as vernacular African American dances.  Today there are swing dance scenes in every part of the United States, though each city prefers various dances in different degrees. Each local swing dance community has a distinct local culture and defines “swing dance” and the “appropriate” music to accompany it in different ways.

  • Washington Hand Dancing originated in the Washington, DC, Area in the mid-1950s D.C.’s own adaption of the Lindy Hop once the music changed and a new generation of dancers started innovating to Soul Music and R&B. From it’s very beginning, DC Hand-dance was referred to and called “DC Hand-Dance/Hand-Dancing”, “DC Swing”, “DC Style” (swing) and “fast dance” (meaning DC Hand-Dance). This is the first time a version of “swing” dance was termed “hand-dance/hand-dancing”. DC Hand-Dance is characterized by very smooth footwork and movements, and close-in and intricate hand-turns, danced to a 6-beat, 6- to 8-count dance rhythm. The more modern footwork consists of smooth and continuous floor contact, sliding and gliding-type steps versus hopping and jumping-type steps of the older style which was stylistically still held elements of its Jitterbug/Lindy Hop roots, and there are no aerials.

(information courtesy of Wikipedia)

For those who still don’t know what I am talking about, check out this YouTube video for a sample:

Is that not the coolest thing EVER…a lost form of dance that is quickly falling to the wayside for our children.  I am currently looking to start my dance classes in March of 2012 (after taking the Bar Exam!!!) and I will update you periodically on my progress. I think it will be fun …just one more thing in the “bringing sexy back” arsenal!

So what is on your bucket list?   List them below (no matter how crazy—we won’t judge YOU!!)