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Looking Fly on a Dime–Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge (ahem…amateur version!!)

October 10, 2011

Good afternoon, my name is Dee and I AM A SHOPAHOLIC!!

I know I have a problem that needs curing (dont judge me)!!!  However, I refuse to give up my “habit” cold turkey; but I am willing to attempt to turn it into a “sport”!  With that in mind, I have pledged to participate in my sister-in-blogdom’s cool shopping challenge called the  “THRIFTY THREADS 365 CHALLENGE“.

The author of the blog “Looking Fly on a Dime”, Patrice J. Williams, has started part II of this challenge (she successfully completed part I last year and documented it on her website!) and I found it fascinating, creative, and most of all a cheap way to feed my habit…ahem…I mean new sport!

The rules are simple: pledge to shop only thrift stores for your clothing needs (you can only receive new clothing as a gift and you can buy new undies!) FOR 365 DAYS (yep…that is a year)!!!

Now I LOVE the thrift shopping game, but I also LOVE the shopping new game, so here is what I have pledged to do: I will participate in the challenge for 6 months beginning November 1st and I too will document my finds on this site (& also share with Patrice–cuz ya gotta give the guru her props!)

Now, a small caveat; while I enjoy shopping, I am somewhat fashion challenged.  So I am using this challenge to discipline myself to not spend so much on my…uh…sport AND to force myself to be more creative and outgoing in my style of dress.  So while you are checking out my finds, feel free to give some suggestions on how to wear some of the items, give the items your thumbs up or down, and just any comments that you think might help an old hen trying to learn a new trick!

Mall Shopping


Thrift Shopping

In these harsh economic times, are you willing to scale down your shopping for the greater good?   Holla below!


Perseverance: My Path to Becoming a Lawyer

September 14, 2011

I have always wanted to be a lawyer since I can remember understanding the concept of choosing a profession.  I am not quite sure why, but I just knew that is what I wanted to do.  I was never the brightest kid in class; however, I was consistent in maintaining my grades.  Graduated from High School with a 2.4 GPA, graduated from college with a 2.4 GPA, graduated from Law School with a 2.4 GPA.  In all three cases, I ranked in the exact middle of my class (now if that ain’t consistent; then what is???)  When I graduated from college, my grades and my LSAT scores were not sufficient to gain admittance to law school.  For 6 years, I attempted to get admitted, by taking graduate classes to boost my GPA, re-taking the LSAT, and applying to 9 different schools—NO GO!  However, with a Political Science degree, working for $10/hr. in customer service I never let go of my desire to become a lawyer. 

In my 6th year of trying I was finally accepted to a small private law school in Lansing Michigan, where my determination allowed me to be one of the 123 graduates of an entering class of nearly 500.  I graduated 7 years ago and have yet to ever sit for the State Bar to become licensed to practice.  So now you say—what is that baby’s problem?  A million excuses but no problem!  I have finally committed to sit for the February 2012 Texas Bar Exam and God willing will be admitted to practice in May 2012.  At this point in my life I am not looking to practice to become an instant million; but instead to practice on behalf of those who find themselves in situations where they need a good attorney but cannot afford one (the elderly, youth, mentally & physically disabled, low-income, child support paying absent fathers).

I am posting my story to inspire all my AAW’s to realize that it is not too late to strive for your dreams; that perseverance DOES pay off, and everything is not always about the smarts in your brain but instead about the fire in your soul!  As I spend these next months studying (while still working fulltime & being a parent/wife), I will be journaling my adventure, soliciting your prayers and accepting your advice!  I plan on living my life to its fullest…that is what God intended for me to do!

Share your stories about your past or current career pursuits; your opinion/advice about my journey; or anything you are moved to post about perseverance!