Looking Fly on a Dime–Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge (ahem…amateur version!!)

October 10, 2011

Good afternoon, my name is Dee and I AM A SHOPAHOLIC!!

I know I have a problem that needs curing (dont judge me)!!!  However, I refuse to give up my “habit” cold turkey; but I am willing to attempt to turn it into a “sport”!  With that in mind, I have pledged to participate in my sister-in-blogdom’s cool shopping challenge called the  “THRIFTY THREADS 365 CHALLENGE“.

The author of the blog “Looking Fly on a Dime”, Patrice J. Williams, has started part II of this challenge (she successfully completed part I last year and documented it on her website!) and I found it fascinating, creative, and most of all a cheap way to feed my habit…ahem…I mean new sport!

The rules are simple: pledge to shop only thrift stores for your clothing needs (you can only receive new clothing as a gift and you can buy new undies!) FOR 365 DAYS (yep…that is a year)!!!

Now I LOVE the thrift shopping game, but I also LOVE the shopping new game, so here is what I have pledged to do: I will participate in the challenge for 6 months beginning November 1st and I too will document my finds on this site (& also share with Patrice–cuz ya gotta give the guru her props!)

Now, a small caveat; while I enjoy shopping, I am somewhat fashion challenged.  So I am using this challenge to discipline myself to not spend so much on my…uh…sport AND to force myself to be more creative and outgoing in my style of dress.  So while you are checking out my finds, feel free to give some suggestions on how to wear some of the items, give the items your thumbs up or down, and just any comments that you think might help an old hen trying to learn a new trick!

Mall Shopping


Thrift Shopping

In these harsh economic times, are you willing to scale down your shopping for the greater good?   Holla below!



  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for joining the challenge. Besides saving a ton of cash, you’ll also become more creative with your clothing choices. Doing the challenge last year was actually fun, I didn’t even miss buying “new” clothing.
    Keep us posted 🙂

  2. You can find amazing stuff at thrift stores…people chuck stuff so quickly! Have fun.

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